Richard Cayne

January 30, 2017

A primer on evaluating a company

You want to make sure that your investment choices are sound, but how can you make sure that your decisions will result in a gain? Between […]
February 27, 2017

When to consider active investment management

Last month, this article ( ) discussed the general differences between active and passive investing. Now, it may seem to many that active investment management offers […]
February 27, 2017

Can art enrich your portfolio?

Just because you don’t know the difference between Monet and Manet or between modern and postmodern doesn’t mean you should shirk the idea of investing in […]
March 4, 2017

Peer to peer lending: invest directly for bigger returns?

In the current financial environment, some may think it is a bit of a waste to keep their liquid assets or available cash in low yield […]