Richard Cayne born Montreal, Quebec Canada has lived in Asia for over 25 years.  Richard moved to Tokyo, Japan in the mid-1990s and started his career in wealth management, with a focus on helping Japanese High Net worth Individuals and families with their wealth management needs.  From education fees savings to planning for property purchases, retirement or even wealth transfer to next generation with tax planning Richard had pioneered the offshore financial planning and investment space in Japan.  In Tokyo Japan he was member of various Chambers of Commerce as well as the Tokyo Chuo Rotary Club.

In 2000 Richard setup Meyer Asset Management Ltd to service the offshore financial planning needs of the Japanese market.  Very few options existed at this time in Japan and the options for investment were quite limited to a handful of basic funds offered by the major domestic banks. Wanting to open a world of choice for his investors in Europe, North America and in Asia Richard created relationships with over 200 banks, insurance groups as well as asset management firms.   After 10 years Meyer Asset Management Ltd was ready to grow to serve the needs of various clients all around Asia.  With South East Asia being the fastest growing region in Asia Richard set his eyes on Thailand being the gateway to South East Asia and a major transit hub in the region.

In 2010 Richard founded Meyer International in Bangkok Thailand to serve the needs of clients around Asia.  In addition he listed the Meyer Group on a UK London stock exchange so as to demonstrate his group’s commitment to transparency and sound corporate governance.  Richard is proud to say the Meyer group has thousands of clients over 5 continents.

Richard Cayne believes the best way to get an understanding of financial planning is to talk about it with one’s family.  In the home with the children and look into strategies and technique to help children learn about it so that they can grow up to be more financially savvy.  From regular savings techniques like dollar cost averaging to understanding the basics of asset allocation one can learn to protect and grow one’s wealth over time.  Richard likes to emphasize that understanding risk is important especially how to evaluate risk adjusted returns.  For example a bank account has low risk but generally no interest is given and so it while being a good parking spot for cash with not protect it from the erosive powers of inflation.

In addition to many public speaking events on the wealth management topic Richard Cayne write articles viewable at and is an Google and Amazon approved author of Richard Cayne – Estate Planning, Family Savings, & Retirement Richard is member of several Chambers of Commerce around Thailand as well as a supporter of the Cambodia Children’s fund and Baan Dek Foundation which fosters children’s education, health and safety in Thailand.

Richard speaks English, French and some Japanese and can be reached at In Bangkok Thailand