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Richard Cayne on retirement

Everyone looks forward to the day where they will no longer need to work, but how many of us are actually prepared for retired living?

Richard Cayne of Asia Wealth Group Holdings says not as many as you’d think.

Oftentimes, and usually when we are younger, we fail to take into consideration the importance of planning for our retirement. Ideally, it would be best to plan for our retirement early if we intend to enjoy the lifestyle, we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

Richard Cayne, originally from Quebec, Canada is now with the prestigious Asia Wealth Group Holdings company in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan (respectively), and he has some excellent advice about wealth management in regards to retirement.

Start now!

No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to start saving for retirement, says Richard Cayne. Naturally- the sooner, the better- but a comfortable retirement is never something to give up on, regardless of how “late in the game” you are.

A good place to start would be reviewing any funds that are available to you through your employer or a national scheme. Discussing these options with a trusted financial expert can help you discern how much you need to save.

Automate savings wherever possible

If you’re already in a position where pay is automatically deducted from your income to go straight into a pension plan, that’s great news. However, Richard Cayne suggests you may also want to think about setting up an independent savings account on your own to help bolster your existing pension plan. Don’t depend on corporate governance alone.

Consulting with an expert on whether or not this is the right move for you is a great idea. It’s also important to make certain you are contributing as much money to your savings as you possible can afford to. Figure out how much that figure is and budget wisely so that you can both live the lifestyle you want to in the here and now while also saving up for your retirement.

Set a budget and stick to it

Take a good, hard look at your budget. Don’t just review it once, really make a schedule of it. Could you find a better deal on your auto insurance or cut out any subscriptions you’re no longer utilizing? Maybe think about bringing a lunch from home to the office or skipping that overprice coffee.

You’d be amazed at how much little savings start to add up over time. Tightening your belt now, says Richard Cayne may not seem like it’s going to make a huge difference, but you’ll be shocked at what a difference it can ultimately make by the time you find yourself ready to retire.

Lower debt and keep it low

How much debt do you currently have hanging over your head? Is it possible for you to renegotiate the terms of your debt payment plan or perhaps get a lower interest rate? Any debts that you can pay down or, better yet, completely pay off?

The fact is, says Richard Cayne, if you’re building up debt faster than you’re able to save money, you could easily find yourself in debt for the rest of your life. Don’t let today’s debts be tomorrow’s mistake. There’s nothing fun about retiring in a financial hole.

Set goals

This all may seem very hypothetical, depending on how many more years you have to go until retirement. Setting short term goals towards saving for your retirement is a great way to ensure that baby steps will help you be better prepared, as opposed to waiting until retirement is on the horizon and the question of savings becomes daunting or overwhelming.

As Richard Cayne will tell you, whether it’s paying off a specific debt or just saving a certain amount of money, little victories tend to go a long way.

Richard Meyer Cayne

Richard Cayne of Meyer International ltd in Tokyo, Japan not only deals with wealth management planning solutions, he’s also father to two young children with his lovely wife Akiko Cayne, so he certainly understands the importance of saving money to take care of family, and has a firm command of the necessary goals one must set to ensure financial security as the years roll on.

Get expert advice to assist in your retirement planning today and just know that the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Trusted financial experts like Richard Meyer Cayne can assist with modern portfolio theory to help guide you through the various options, strategies and many business interests at your disposal to help ensure you enjoy your golden years on your own terms. Nobody wants to work forever, but you don’t want to have to pinch your pennies when the time comes to enjoy what you’ve earned in life.

Richard Meyer Cayne has dealt with high net worth individuals in real estate and through Meyer asset management for decades. Originally born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada he has lived in Tokyo, Japan and now resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where his image worldwide as the managing director of Asia Wealth Group, Meyer International ltd, the Meyer Group and Asia Wealth Group Holdings ltd is sterling, particularly in Japan, where he has assisted countless prominent Japanese families to financial fruition. The Meyer Group and Asia Wealth Group have helped people from Asia to London, UK find stability in a healthy wealth management space

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