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Initial Coin Offerings ICOs a Review by Richard Cayne of Meyer International Ltd Bangkok Thailand

Cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings and digital tokens all seem like the hottest thing in town lately.

Although they may currently be all the rage, there are nonetheless regulations in place not just for those who invest in cryptocurrencies, but also for those who create them. Naturally, as a result, those forming the coins are hoping to keep regulations as relaxed as possible.

“When it comes to new investment instruments, regulations can actually be helpful, even if many investors see these regulations as unnecessary or even as a nuisance”, explains Richard Meyer Cayne of Meyer International in Bangkok, Thailand. “Oftentimes there are scammers who can hide behind complex terms and a lack of legal ramifications and structures”.

Not every country is embracing ICOs

A number of countries are watching carefully for developments in the evolution of the structuring and technology of ICO’s (initial coin offerings) before deciding where they stand.

While many countries allow ICO’s, the extent to which regulatory government agencies have a role in the market varies quite widely.

In Singapore and the United States, for example, there are strict regulations in place that requires ICO’s to meet the standards of certain parameters. If it meets said parameters, it can then be designated as a security and thus regulated.

Other countries may allow ICO’s, but have institutes much higher tax rates on any profits gleaned from them, like Israel, for example. Then you have countries like Luxembourg, Jamaica, Malta and Spain which offer loose regulations and tax incentives to encourage the proliferation of ICO’s.

ICO regulations are still developing

Many people who don’t have access to ICO investing in their home country may be enticed to invest in ICO’s overseas.

It’s important that you exercise caution though.

The ICO you choose to invest in may or may not be as legitimate as you initially perceived, in which case you want to make sure you’re protected. South Korea and Australia, for example, have safeguards in place to identify and pursue bad actors in the ICO realm.

By the time you read this article, however, there may already be new regulations and laws underway concerning ICO’s in any given country. Because of this, it is always important that you consult with a trusted financial expert like Richard Meyer Cayne before jumping into new investment ventures. He has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate unchartered waters.

Richard Meyer Cayne

Richard Meyer Cayne of Asia Wealth Group Holdings, the Meyer Group, Meyer Asset Management and Meyer International Ltd has been involved in wealth management planning for decades. Originally born in Montreal Quebec, Canada, he later relocated to Tokyo, Japan for over 15 years and now resides in Bangkok, Thailand. While he runs the Meyer Group and serves as the high credibility CEO of Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd, a London, UK Stock Exchange-listed Financial Holdings Company, as well as the Managing Director of the Meyer Group of Companies and has additionally been the managing director of multiple organizations that specialize in helping high net worth individuals with succession planning .

Having worked with clients all over the globe with everything from portfolios to bonds to mutual funds to offshore investing to investing in retirement for your golden years, Richard Cayne of Meyer International can help you invest the right way and protect your cash. Richard has been a financial advisor involved in wealth management planning solutions and asset management in Asia for over 25 years and while living in Tokyo, Japan, he assisted many high net-worth Japanese families create innovative international tax and wealth management planning solutions. The financial holding public company of which he is CEO can be seen at Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd or the stock exchange link:

Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd – Richard Cayne Thailand. Meyer Asset Management Ltd has been in the wealth management space since March 2000 and uses fundamental analysis along with modern portfolio theory.

His image worldwide as a professional advisor has been sterling and he maintains a firm command and understanding of all things finance-related.

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