Are You Taking Advantage of International Investing Opportunities for Expats?

The Unfounded Element of Fear in International Investing
October 21, 2015

Are You Taking Advantage of International Investing Opportunities for Expats?

Are you living in Thailand? Have you been here for a while? Maybe you’ve made some great friends in the city, enjoyed trips to the islands or Pattaya, seen some super concerts and had some fantastic meals.

Maybe you think you already are taking full advantage of your time living in Thailand.

But if you aren’t investing while you are here then, be assured, you aren’t taking all of the possible advantages of life as an expat in Thailand.

Richard Cayne and the team at Meyer International can teach you all you need to know to take advantage of International investing during your years as an expat in Thailand. Wouldn’t you like to know the investing secrets used by the millionaires you see down in the Thai islands? Are you interested in knowing how they invest sitting in Thailand and why? Read on to find out more…

It Pays to Know

One thing that most expats don’t know is that different laws apply to them when they are living outside of their home country. What might apply to you in Japan, Spain or France will not apply to you during your years abroad. For the years that you live in Thailand and invest from here, you can invest your money overseas without paying taxes on the profits if your investing via an international tax optimized jurisdiction like Switzerland, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Cayman to name a few.

Thailand’s tax law does not require taxes to be paid on income from international investments provided that income is not declared as income earned and brought into Thailand in the same tax year. They only tax on income earned via your pay and profits from domestic investments. This is one of the reasons that so many wealthy expats park themselves in Thailand. They know that, because of the tax laws, their wealth can grow faster here than nearly anywhere else in the world.

Richard Cayne and the experts at Meyer International can help you get onto the same investing track that all of those high net worth individuals are on. Just let them show you how!

What Does This Mean to You?

Even if you don’t have much to invest yet, you can still take advantage of these laws. And, if you are on a long-term contract in Thailand, so much the better! That means that you will have a much longer time to watch your modest investments become sizeable ones.

An Example

Let’s say that you are Japanese but living in Bangkok for a few years. A Japanese person living in Japan is responsible for taxes on all investment profits for each year that they make profits globally. But in Thailand, you aren’t responsible for paying taxes on those profits if they come from international investments and not brought into Thailand in the same tax year. So, why not take advantage of living in an overseas investment profit tax forgiving country like Thailand? If you aren’t currently doing so, you are giving yourself a tax liability.

Insider tips such as the ones in this article are just one of the ways that Richard Cayne or any member of the team at Meyer International can help you. The consultants at Meyer International can help with every part of your financial future. Isn’t it time you got your finances in order?

To find out more, get in touch with Richard Cayne at Meyer International today.

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